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Why are brew times important for Pour Over

Pour over coffee making method involves pouring hot water through the coffee grounds in the filter. The water goes through the coffee and dissolves it then filter it into the mug or the carafe.

In other words, pour over coffee is the same as the drip coffee or the filter coffee for those who do not understand the pour over. We all know some coffee makers have been designed to make drip coffee and work very well.

The only difference with the pour over coffee making is that is made purely using the hands that’s why you find that is said to be manual brewing or hand brewing. The pour-over making is great especially since its intricate flavors compared to other methods of brewing. The pour-over allows the aroma and the flavor of the coffee to maintain.

Brew time is essential especially since the extraction happens at this time. This is the time the soluble materials are removed from the coffee as it brews. When the coffee is in more contact with water at this 5 times, it means that the extraction of coffee is much longer. With pour over, the longer the coffee is in contact with the water, it means it has enough time for extraction.

It is known that when you over extract your coffee, it has the tendencies to be bitter. Therefore, when doing the pour over coffee, you have to look at the contact time between the water and the coffee to avoid having bitter coffee.

The thing is that the when water is poured over is allowed to extract coffee fragrances and oil within its own time. Though the pour-over method is good for maintaining a good taste and flavor, t has a great room for error since human hands manually brew it. You may find that the water is too much or little as well as the coffee is too much. You can as well use a bad pouring technique to do it.

Why the pour over brew time is 8important is because of the extraction time and also the maintenance of the flavors and the minerals found in coffee grounds. There is nothing good as having coffee that has great taste and appearance that would make you take in more and more. It does not make much time to make, but the result is worth it. The only issue one might get.

If you are using other methods to brew your coffee and you find it flat, why don’t you try making your coffee using pour over method? Maybe it will make your coffee better.

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